Sunday, August 23, 2009

Air, Land and Water Mat


This is my Air, Land and Water Mat
it's not completely finished yet but it's coming along. I just really wanted to share with you all. I made it by layering felt pieces to create a scene that has all three elements. The idea is to provide the play mat and a basket of animals that live either in the air, on land, or in the water. The children sort the animals on the mat and of course, PLAY! Having an open ended work such as this out in the classroom is especially helpful at the start of the school year. It's a nice tool for nurturing friendships.
What are some of your favorite early in the year activities? Do tell!
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Shannon said...

Love the is gorgeous! The best start of the year tray I provided for my son last year was bead stringing. Instead of necklaces though, he made snakes. He did the tray everyday for weeks.

jojoebi-designs said...

what a great mat!

Paul and Ines said...

I like to give a gift..something small & personal. Last year, I gave Peace Rocks. During the morning, I sang special songs about rocks & it was a great intro to Peace. This year, it's about friendship. I have a special rainbow friendship bracelet (that my sweet son made) for all my kids. Also,a saying that without them our friendship rainbow wouldn't be complete. said...

This is a great idea. I love the way you handled little one's artistic expression on the window. " Another day will be window washing day and they will be cleared".

Take good care. Dita

Shannon said...

I LOVE THIS MAT. I love all of your mats actually. I wish I had the skill to make them. SO cool.

Unknown said...

This is such a nice, tactile background for an important categorizing activity. Really neat!

Heidi said...

I've been wanting to make a mat like this for awhile. I've always seen them quitled...I had never thought of using felt. I might have to rethink my plan!

I have also used this type of mat (I did it as an interactive wall display in a toddler classroom actually) for type of transportation that goes on land, in water, and in air. Just thought I'd throw that idea out there!

Lori said...

Hi, I found your blog while searching for great Land, Air & Water ideas. I love how your mat turned out and featured your post on Montessori MOMents. Here's the link:

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