Thursday, January 13, 2011

New This Week

Our Peace table....Top shelf: aromatherapy pillow, running water battery operated fountain, share stone, When I Make Silence book, lotus flower candle holder and a sea shell. Bottom shelf: rugs and affirmations in a basket.

Bird feeders to hang on our classroom Christmas tree which now resides on the playground.

Color sorting dinosaur counters for some younger friends who LOVE to count!

The Mitten Work. Using illustrations from Jan Brett's book: The Mitten (available on her web site) the children cut and colored each animal and then I covered them in clear packing tape to protect them during use.  Next, add a 'found' mitten from a donation bag and "volia!" you're done.

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I Make Scleroderma Look Good said...


Jessie ( said...

Great Peace shelf!!

Natym said...

Hello from France!

I love your peace table(and your blog!)! All is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi there Montessori Mama,I am a Montessori teacher from Spokane,WA(originally from Singapore) and is currently residing in Dubai,UAE.
I absolutely love the Peace Table arrangement, it's beautiful! What a great Montessori blog :)

By the way, I saw your dream list and riding a motorcycle is number three. There's something about Montessori teachers and their obsession with motorcycles.. I have yet to unravel that mystery!
I love my bikes, and of course I have to have an Italian bike(Ducati).I have 2 lady friends who are also Montessori Motorcycle Mamas!(We jokingly call ourselves that)

Keep up your great work, and hope to see photos on you on your first bike in the future.

Alison @ Educational Creations said...

How did you make the bird feeders?

Anonymous said...


I found your blog via Google search.I am just now getting into all this Montessori stuff and I have LOTS of decisions to make. I am now located on the west coast, but will be relocating to the east Coast in a couple years. I am stuck between AMI vs. AMS training and was wondering which one you do/did? From looking at their websites, it appears as though AMI is more popular on the West Coast than on the East Coast? I have been away from the east coast for years, so I was wondering if you know how Montessori is accepted over there and what your experience was with AMI vs. AMS?

(this is an open question to people on the site as well as the blog owner)

Veera said...

This is a great blog. I'm in the process of doing my AMS training, and your blog continues to inspire me! Love the little aromatherapy pillow. I'm also a children's author and have a blog about writing...

The Guilletots said...

I would have never thought about a Peace table. We do talk about manners, courtesy, rules, what is right and wrong but I never thought of setting up such a table... What a wonderful idea.
Your bird feeders were very good too. We made some last year using pines cones (we have lots here on the site as we are surrounded by big old pine trees). First we tied a string onto the pine cone. Then we dipped it into peanut butter (make sure you have no children allergic to peanut first!) and then rolled the cone into a mixture of seeds for garden birds!

Deb Chitwood said...

I love the items you have on your peace table/shelf! I featured your post at

Susana of Montessori Candy said...

Love the Peace table! How Beautiful. I should get your book, recently I was seeking advice on my sweet, but very loud little one! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these things with us and inspire us.
God Bless you!

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