Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pizza, Pizza Father's Day Picnic!

In honor of father's day this year we are having a pizza picnic for our toddler class. To make the invitations the children traced the circle metal inset and then using a glue stick they glued down scraps of red, yellow and black paper, to create a pizza pie. Inside the invitations read:
Please join me for a piece of pizza on ..................................

In the classroom we've been pretending with a velcro pizza set (I happened upon at Toy R Us, I think).

We will be making REAL pizzas for the pizza picnic, so this is wonderful practice. :)

Yum ~ Yum Pizza is Fun!!!
Lately in the classroom we've been singing:
(to the tune of Row-Row-Row Your Boat)
Roll, roll, roll your dough
and toss it in the air,
pepperoni, cheese and sauce
Pizza we can share!

Another fun idea:
Pizza is a very easy first cooking projecting. If photographed, this process would make wonderful sequence cards....say I think I'll try that and post them later!
PEACE to all, I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is here!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Life Wellness Fest ~ Belfast Maine~2010

What a wonderful opportunity we had to take part in the first Good Life Fest (hopefully first of many)! Here are just a few quick shots of our booth and of course Little One with his face painting Montessori Mama style! Thank you Anne for inviting us and making this special event happen. I had fun painting faces and sharing about our school. We offered face painting, sunflower seed planting, a hand craft of sewing a fox tail and instruments to play! It was such a lovely time.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Never Under Estimate a Two Year Old

So, we've been learning about birds all year at 'The Nest' (what we affectionately call our classroom of ten toddlers and two grown ups). Thursday, this little girl told me, using full on complete sentences mind you:

"This is my nest. I am sitting on my eggs."

When she stood up there were two beach nutshells under her. Well, okay then. I snapped a photo to preserve the moment. Another moment to add to my mental file entitled, "Never Under Estimate a Two Year Old". It grows thicker with each passing day.

Here another two year old friend completes a pattern that was started by an older three year old friend. All the while naming the colors,

"Pink. Brown. Pink. Brown"

I wasn't near by when the older child was first building so I'm not sure if the language was something that was modeled or something this Little One just started on his own. Either way, I snapped a photo.
Moment # 200,000,000,000,000......................
I am reminded WHY I do this work.

Hugs to all you Toddler Teachers out there! (I mean the two year old teachers ;)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Man Turns FOUR!

I can't believe it. My Little One is already four? How did this happen?

Dear Little One,
You were born on Mother's Day weekend Little One. You stole my heart away in a moment. You have yet to return it to me. Who are you now? At four years old you are full of energy! You LOVE to be outdoors and to move your body. Dancing, running and swimming are your three most favorite activities. You enjoy reading stories and playing imaginary games too. You are a joyful boy and take very little seriously. You make me laugh every day. This past year you completely potty trained yourself, learned how to write your name and your Montessori teachers tell me you have absorbed the classroom ground rules! And that you help them to remind other children when they are forgotten.

I'm hopeful by the end of this year you will have given up your pacifier; although I am doubtful since you have extreme binki love. You have graduated from a floor bed to a twin bed and are very excited about this! Your Daddy and I are so proud of you and your communication skills. You see a speech therapist twice a week and seem to enjoy the sessions. We have noticed a big difference in your pronunciation and your friends are able to understand you much better too!

Thank you for being you my little man. Happy Birthday to my courageous, funny, beautiful, bright four year old boy! I love and adore you :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

What Can I Say....I'm a Sucker for Pom-poms!

This simple pom-pom push game was pulled together out of a moment of desperation. We've all been there haven't we? Cut a paper towel roll in thirds + colorful pom-poms to push through and voila! The under two year olds in your life are now happy.


Where in the World?


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