Saturday, March 15, 2008

Montessori Math

In the Math area of the Montessori 3-6 classroom you will find The Blue Number Counting Book
this book helps children learn basic mathematical concepts using a unique tactile approach. Pages show a blue, textured numeral and the appropriate number of objects to count. I stumbled across these nifty RED numerals and improvised! I used white poster board cut into squares and punched a hole in the upper right corner for an optional ring.
By touching and counting items numbers zero to ten, children associate numbers with their quantities and learn the sequence of numbers. Seeing and touching the large, felt numerals helps children identify and remember numbers. Tracing the number shapes with the fingers is a valuable preparation for writing numbers.

Because the ring is optional (and can be opened) these cards can be used as a movable number line as well. I'm working on a Spring Time sets baskets and will post when my camera is cooperating better.
Happy Counting!

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