Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Magical Baster

Moving liquid from one cup to another has never been MORE fun! Using a small baster, demonstrate for your children how to suck up water and how to squeeze the water out. Using water tinted with food coloring makes this even more fun.
Practice this activity first before you present it to your children and ask yourself these questions:
  • Is the tray too heavy to be carried by a child or should this be a stationary work?
  • Is there just enough water so that you can vacuum up the entire contents of the glass with one squeeze?
  • Did you provide a sponge and does the child(ren) know how to clean up a wet spill?
For parents: I recommend introducing the baster in the bath tub with young threes allowing for the exploration of this exciting new tool, without concern about the mess.
Have fun!


Melissa said...

O loves to play with a baster during water play. I think I'll let her try it during her bath tonight, too. Good idea!

Lucy said...

I love this idea - especially in the bathtub. I'll put basters on my shopping list.

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