Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Dr. Seuss

Yes, I LOVE Dr. Seuss so here is another language idea.
The Cat in the Hat: Story Extension
Using the words and images from this familiar story I created an Object box (2) work for the 3-6 year old classroom.
Materials needed:
box, tray or basket containing the following
phonetic objects (or in this case drawings of the objects)
  • cake
  • rake
  • cat
  • hat
  • cup
  • fish
slips of paper
a pencil
and printed labels cards to match the objects

Preparation for this work: the moveable alphabet and Object Box 1
Elementary movements (rug carry, bringing materials to rug etc.)
Language used by teacher:
"I'm thinking of one of these objects and I'm going to give you a clue."
teacher writes the word and draws a simple picture of the first object on the rug on a slip of paper, folds it (dramatically) and passes it to the child. The child reads the word and places the paper label next to the object on the rug.
T: "You just read the word _____"
Once all the objects have been presented and labeled, review each object and word, replacing the paper word with the label cards.
T:"This is a cat, this says 'cat'. This is a hat, this says 'hat'...." all the way down the list, hand the child the paper word as you do this step.
Next, remove one object at a time, leaving label card. When object is removed, read the label card together, continue doing this all the way down the list until on the rug is left only the label cards. Again review the label cards.
T"This says 'cat', this says 'hat'....." encourage the child(ren) to read the words with you.
again the control of error can be the book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss or without the book obviously, the teacher.
end with elementary movements.

This is a fun way to introduce rhyme and has many extensions.
1.) child creates word book from the slips of paper by stapling them together and writing their name on the back.
2.) child writes the paper labels.
3.) Child and teacher write each other 'notes'.
4.) making a book from metal inset sized paper of the Object box words with pictures!

Enjoy!(Again if you do not want to draw the pictures yourself, make color copies of Dr. Seuss's illustrations if not for re-sale.)

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