Monday, March 31, 2008

Metal Inset Art

My FAVORITE Montessori language material! Look at these lovely creative pictures.
Metal Insets
Dr. Montessori analyzed the movements which are connected with writing and developed the Metal Insets for directly preparing the child for handwriting. The Metal Insets (ten metal insets and frames) exercises strengthening the three finger grip and coordinate the necessary wrist movements.

When teaching on a rainy day, sitting down with this work is the fastest way to restore calmness to a restless room. To complete, they take great amounts of concentration for a three year old; (less so the older the child generally) observing the process is the charming.
[It looks like Odin created some Elephants from the circle inset].
As I'm sure you can imagine, this is a very popular activity and many, MANY beautiful pictures are created (daily). In our school we encourage the children to use both sides of the paper and to construct a book from their finished work if they like.

For a printable version of Montessori Metal Insets click here
(it's in PDF format)

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