Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Decorating the Art & Play Way

On Thursday's Art & Play day we decorated Spring eggs. Here is a photo of Miss Stella dipping a rubber band egg in blue. The children and parents really seemed to enjoy to the different ways I presented so I will share them with you (just in case like me, you are just getting around to decorating Easter eggs with your kiddos TODAY).
1.) Rubber Bands (I use the ones intended for hair because they have a fabric cover and are less likely to hurt someone if they snap)
Wrap the rubber band around the egg and dip in the color of your choice, let dry and unwrap bands, dip in a second color or leave white.
2.) Q-tips
Cotton swabs work as wonderful applicators for small hands (my only problem with them is they are not reusable)
3.) Tissue Paper Pieces
This is an especially messy and fun one for toddlers. Wet the egg and stick small pieces of tissue paper on the egg surface, let it dry and then remove. The colors from the tissue will stain the egg shell. These eggs remind me of the book Elmer the Elephant!
4.) Tin Foil Wrap
Using this method you will need to use non-toxic paint rather than dye. Scrunch up the foil then un-scrunch it, cover your egg with a thin layer of paint and wrap in foil. Let sit while you do other eggs before unwrapping.
5.) Crayons
Write on the eggs with the crayons before you dye them for an interesting effect.
I stopped by a local fast food restaurant and asked them if I could have 15 cup holders for an art project I was doing with children. They were very nice and gave me 20! These worked out really well because I was fearing the dye cups might spill during this project. When I was cleaning up from class, I left the re-usable cup holders and rinsed out paper cups for the after school program to use with future projects.

Have fun (recycle when possible) and enjoy your time together!

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plaidshoes said...

Oh I wish I would have read this before we decorated! What great ideas. Next year... I must admit, your creativity is boundless - I am very envious ;-)! I hope you all have a nice Easter. It is actually snowing here - first the floods now the snow!

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