Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tweezing and Transfering

Here's a 3-6 Practical Life work I created (green for spring). This dino-shaped soap tray when turned over, has suction cups just the right size for holding marbles! Add a metal tong (with grippers) and use a tray with a lip in case they spill, they don't roll away.
Have fun!
It has been my experience that four year old boys LOVE this activity!
I found the dino-shaped soap tray in a package of 6 at the dollar store, the small dish is a dish designed for soy sauce dipping.]


ChrEliz said...

Hi there! I found your blog a week or two ago and I am devouring all your great ideas and gorgeous artwork and photography. Thanks for the terrific tweezing and transferring idea. I am definitely going to recreate this at home. Thanks for being such a terrific resource for this first time Montessori mom of a now-4 year old girl, just nearing the end of her first year at a wonderful Montessori preschool, and also a 22-month old who loves doing her modified (to be non-chokable) works at home with big sis!

Many thanks for all the great ideas.

jojoebi said...

aha another great idea, little-un will love this, he is now board of just transferring from one bowl to another and I hadn't come up with a more interesting version, thanks,

Julie said...

I copied your idea and blogged it. thanks for the inspiration...and i enjoyed the artful parent interview today, too.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Seriously, I HAVE to do this.

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