Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Through the Pain

Thank you for all of your well wishes and healing hugs!
I am still silent and looking forward to smiling again soon.
Less four teeth, a dislocated lower jaw and 10 stitches later...
I'm up and blogging again. I need to say my husband is a saint, for caring for our grouchy toddler who can't understand why his Mama is not reading to him or singing with him anymore, for doing laundry and making lunches, for reading my mind and knowing when my ice pack was no longer cold, for finding Little One's binki in the middle of the night, for applying chap stick and feeding me ice chips... thank you hun, I love you more than words can say. And many thanks also to my older boys who are surprising me (a little bit) with their loving remarks and even the occasional back rub! I cried tonight when I couldn't eat cottage cheese and my nine year old said, "Don't worry Mama, it won't always be this way."
I Know I am very blessed and I am thankful. Especially for my four boys but also for doctors and strong medicines, for ice packs and ice cream, for family and good friends and the telephone, without which I would not be surviving this week. PEACE to you all~~MM


amy t sharp said...

hope yr all better soon
yr lucky to have all that love around you!!! very healing!

jojoebi said...

Hope you are up and running, and singing, and dancing again soon xx

jojoebi said...

back again. I have nominated you for the blogging with a purpose award, I can't believe you don't already have it, anyway the info is over at my place

feel better soon

Mama J said...

I can't believe you don't have the Blogging With Purpose Award yet either... That is a beautiful painting by the way--I am so grateful that you are able to share with us even while you are doing the important work of healing. Didn't get your carriers out by the way--I forgot I had some details with the paperwork to settle first. Soon though--be well, friend!

plaidshoes said...

I have had jaw issues, too, and I know the pain you are going through. Your son is so right in that it won't always be this way. Keep hanging on and little by little, you really will feel better. It sounds like you have a fantastic family who really loves their wonderful mother!

Shannon said...

thinking of you, and yes- a beautiful painting.

RYD said...

Oh,my goodness! I hope you are feeling much better by the time this makes its way to you. You are a gifted artist and educator and the universe will for sure bless you with a speedy recovery. Take care and maybe you needed this to prove what a great group of men you have in your life. :)

Montessori Mama said...

Thanks everyone, today is a little better than yesterday and I imagine tomorrow will be better still. Thank you for your well wishes and kind words! I especially appreciate being nominated for the blogging with a purpose award, wow!
Thanks all

sarah smith said...

take care of yourself. sounds like your sweet family is making sure you get all the love and healing you need!

Melissa said...

I hope you are feeling better today, and after reading these comments I realized you hadn't been nominated for the blogging with a purpose award. Shocking! I wish I'd realized sooner, and I would have nominated you last week!

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