Friday, March 28, 2008

Can I play you a song?

Okay, so he doesn't like having his photo taken; he's 15 after all. I don't remember enjoying being photographed at his age myself.

But he does LOVE his guitar.
And he's pretty good too.
I played classical guitar as a youth, and piano and flute...until I caught the acting bug in high school and left music behind me.

'Taller than Me' caught the acting bug too, at a very young age. I think he was just 5 years old when he got his first role (and line "Hee-Haw" he was a donkey).
It seems like forever ago now.
This fall he won praise in his High school's production of Anything Goes and most recently as the forgetful King in Some Thing's Rotten in the State of Denmark.
I'm of course very proud of him. But the reason for this post is because I very rarely post a photo of him! My middle son commented recently that I needed to share about HIM more.
(We are all attention hogs around here it seems, except my husband).

So here's another shot of my three sons.

Their three personalities are revealed in this photo.
'Middle Man' aka 'The Informant' & 'Mr. Creativity' smilin' BIG or the camera!

'Little One' aka 'Captain Distructo' & 'Shy Guy' and in this photo ('Tired of Being Photographed')

'Taller than Me' aka 'Smarter than Me' & 'Star of the Show'

Now back to Montessori posts!


Melissa said...

Great post! Your kids sound great!

village mama said...

Beautiful post. The photo of your three sons makes my heart yearn for more children...don't tell Village Papa.

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