Sunday, March 30, 2008

Color Sorting

Color Sorting: Montessori on a Budget

Materials needed:
plastic ice cubes (shaped like flowers, six of each color) found at the dollar store
clear plastic egg cartons
plastic dessert cups sold in a set of four at Rite Aid in the dollar bin

Little One enjoyed sorting these colorful flowers into the egg cups. Since eggs have been the only thing he has been putting in egg cartons lately, sorting something new proved to be a big attraction.
(These ice cubes float also! Watch for more practical life works using these coming soon!)

Although I wish there was less plastic involved, I'm happy to be making use of the plastic egg container (we usually get the cardboard ones but I bought late [just before Easter] and the plastic ones were all the store had at the time). Recycle!

Color sorting is one goal of this work however, if your Little One is not ready for color sorting, simply placing the flowers in the individual egg cups is also valuable for small hands/eye coordination, concentration and independence.

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