Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday John Chapman

Wearing pots on their heads....

Reading Johnny Appleseed together under an apple tree.
We introduced John Chapman, our first Peace Maker of the school year. His picture now hangs in the Peace Corner in our classroom.  By June he will be in good company, 8 other Peace Makers will join him.  Each month we will introduce a new person to the children who believed in peaceful conflict resolution.  A person they can relate to in some way, who loved children and respected all.   

John Chapman was such a man.  Ask your children who he was, what he did, where he traveled.  Children are our greatest teachers.
PEACE be with you,

Fall into Fall

Hello readers of my horribly neglected blog. I'm truly sorry to have been missing in action for so many weeks!  Fall is upon us and school is in full swing (as you all know).  Time gets away from me when life is busy and life is busy. 
I am presently recovering from pneumonia and let me tell you it's taking it's sweet time leaving me.  Gratefully I have the support of my wonderful assistant and amazing husband who can fill in for me and make this place continue to run smoothly. 
I'm very blessed to have such supportive people in my life. Today I visited the children on the playground so they wouldn't forget my face.  The cheers and hugs were such an unexpected gift to walk out and receive.  I almost teared up.
I love my job.  Running one's own preschool/child care program is a lot of work.  But the rewards are countless.  Nobody is getting rich doing this work but I do feel valued and important and everyday is worth all the work that goes on behind the scenes.  This week is our first of four family pot-lucks. I can't wait.
Hopefully this time I will remember to take photos!


Where in the World?


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