Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday John Chapman

Wearing pots on their heads....

Reading Johnny Appleseed together under an apple tree.
We introduced John Chapman, our first Peace Maker of the school year. His picture now hangs in the Peace Corner in our classroom.  By June he will be in good company, 8 other Peace Makers will join him.  Each month we will introduce a new person to the children who believed in peaceful conflict resolution.  A person they can relate to in some way, who loved children and respected all.   

John Chapman was such a man.  Ask your children who he was, what he did, where he traveled.  Children are our greatest teachers.
PEACE be with you,


melissa said...

I love how you're not only studying these peacemakers, but honoring them by hanging their photos in your peace corner. What a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Hello! and how are you... My name is Carie I reside on Cape Cod and had the pleasure of caring for your father yesterday (tuesday). I am a single mom of a 3 year old and he is just so fabulous! I am also a first year RN student at Cape Cod Community College. I am seeking to learn more about what to do with my 3 year old and how to balance back to college at the age of 40 with a 3, almost 4 year old (nov. 6th). What I mean by what to do with my son, I am seeking information and ideans in regards to making our time together not only fun and silly, I would like make sure he's getting all of the verbal and one-on-one time with me where I can do "educational play" that he and I can do for a bit...

Anonymous said...

yesssssss!!!! i am taking this idea!

how wonderful.

so glad to have found feels so familiar.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your young students are so fortunate that you are sharing Johnny Appleseed with them. I had so much awe-filled childhood wonder at his adventures when I was...well, probably just the ages of the children you teach.

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