Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art Show

Remember those felt flowers I shared about recently? Well here they are on display at the school's ANNUAL Art Show!




And here is Middle Man (sporting a cheesy 11 year old "Do I have to smile Mom?" grin) standing in front of one of his own piece of art. His role as a upper elementary student was to greet the guests as they arrived. And did they arrive! This event was attended by over 200 guests! Wow! Our art teacher did a wonderful job pulling it together and the community out-pouring was lovely.


Happy Creating to all....I'm off to sew some more dollies for project HOPE.
Have you made yours yet?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day


A 'Warm Hug' from me.
I started making these a few years ago...I'm not sure if I posted about them before so I will now. They are small (fit in your pocket size) mint & rice packs. I give them out at Valentines with a tag that says: "a warm hug from your teacher". To use: microwave for 30 sec. test temp. and enjoy. Great for tummy aches and cold hands or when you need a hug. Basically they are a bean bag with potential. :) And they smell really good.

Next:I saw the idea for these boxes on The Crafty Crow. It's from the beautiful and talented Vanessa over at Silly Eagle Books. Check her out! You'll love her blog.
So, I sent a note home requesting cereal boxes and the parents delivered. Next we (yes, the toddlers who love glue!)covered them with construction paper and a super cute photo of each child! We punched holes on both sides and the children laced their ribbon choice through the openings.
Voila! Cereal boxes recycled into Valentine carry boxes.

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These hand print cards I also found the idea for on line but from who I can't remember....(so sorry!)they were a little bit tricky for two year olds but the three year old children enjoyed making them. The heart was created by applying paint to the outer part of your child's hand and requesting they make a fist and bang their hand down to make the print. When two of these face each other a heart is created in the middle! Too cute.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Felt Objects for language materials?

Calling all Montessori Mamas and Papas and teachers out there and otherwise Crafty peeps: Does anyone know a link of someone or a company who might be able to provide me with felt objects? I have a project in the works and want to support my stories with language objects but I want them to be made of felt so that they are durable, non-toxic and toddler friendly. I've been searching the blog land and the web in general and have come up with nothing so far.
PLEASE help, time is of the essence and it's getting close to not happening. which would be so very disappointing. As soon as I can, I will post photos of the needed objects, I have made one set for each story but I don't have the time to make as many as we need for the AMS conference. MARCH!!!
Many Thanks!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Felt Flowers

Cut shapes of felt

fold in half and make a very small cut that will be your 'button hole' of sorts.
Next twist one end of a pipe cleaner around a small pom-pom, creating your flower stem.

(sorry photos are out of order...)
next slide the felt shapes up the pipe cleaner 'stem', beginning with the smaller shapes first, to build your felt flower.



Many small hands were hard at work this week creating beautiful felt flowers! These flowers will be decorations and works of art, at our school Art Show!
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Never underestimate amazing toddlers!

Where in the World?


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