Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day


A 'Warm Hug' from me.
I started making these a few years ago...I'm not sure if I posted about them before so I will now. They are small (fit in your pocket size) mint & rice packs. I give them out at Valentines with a tag that says: "a warm hug from your teacher". To use: microwave for 30 sec. test temp. and enjoy. Great for tummy aches and cold hands or when you need a hug. Basically they are a bean bag with potential. :) And they smell really good.

Next:I saw the idea for these boxes on The Crafty Crow. It's from the beautiful and talented Vanessa over at Silly Eagle Books. Check her out! You'll love her blog.
So, I sent a note home requesting cereal boxes and the parents delivered. Next we (yes, the toddlers who love glue!)covered them with construction paper and a super cute photo of each child! We punched holes on both sides and the children laced their ribbon choice through the openings.
Voila! Cereal boxes recycled into Valentine carry boxes.

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These hand print cards I also found the idea for on line but from who I can't remember....(so sorry!)they were a little bit tricky for two year olds but the three year old children enjoyed making them. The heart was created by applying paint to the outer part of your child's hand and requesting they make a fist and bang their hand down to make the print. When two of these face each other a heart is created in the middle! Too cute.


Anonymous said...

Your art soul is for sure one of a kind - wonderful.
Please have you all a nice Sunday.

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Oh these a gorgeous. We have just started a Valentine tradition so will have to remember these gems next year. Thanks. Love the hand hearts.

Jessica Monte said...

Aw! On all 3 accounts; these projects are adorable.

vanessa said...

I"m glad that my cereal boxes inspired you! I love how yours turned out--adding the children's picture is such a beautiful touch.

Lisa said...

Cute! I may have to make these. :)

Gaby said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and joining my new blog. I just joined yours, you are a great resource to have! I hope you don't might I might have to ask you a bunch of questions about Montessori later on. I've read a couple of books but it's not the same.

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