Thursday, February 4, 2010

Felt Flowers

Cut shapes of felt

fold in half and make a very small cut that will be your 'button hole' of sorts.
Next twist one end of a pipe cleaner around a small pom-pom, creating your flower stem.

(sorry photos are out of order...)
next slide the felt shapes up the pipe cleaner 'stem', beginning with the smaller shapes first, to build your felt flower.



Many small hands were hard at work this week creating beautiful felt flowers! These flowers will be decorations and works of art, at our school Art Show!
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Never underestimate amazing toddlers!


Jess said...

Fabulous!!! i am SO using this and putting it on my shelf next week. Thanks for the lovely creative idea. Always a joy to visit you. (:

Cate said...

how beautiful! my kids would love to make these... and i think that we have all the materials at the ready-which is a little miracle.

love getting to visit here. i don't do it enough, but each time that i come back, your blog delights me.

Montessori Beginnings said...

This is a super cool activity that I'm going to prepare tonight for L. I'm excited to do some myself as well. Thanks for sharing.

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