Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Shall We Do On A Nice Spring Day?

Answer: Take a walk of course!
So it has in fact been over a year since I posted anything on this most neglected blog! Here goes...
Where have I been you ask? Busy and well, sick. Most of the past year has been about sickness and health.  I'm happy to share that after having a benign tumor removed from my lower colon and my gallbladder rupturing and needing to be removed as well, I am doing better.  I have given up sugar, gluten, animals fats and caffeine and because of those dietary changes I am doing MUCH better. All the while I have been running my small preschool here in mid-coast Maine: Helping Hands Family School.  I love my little school, the children and their families and my friend and co-teacher Mallory make it the success it is.  I continue to feel blessed to get to do what I love. 
     My oldest son, Nathan, has relocated to the West coast and is loving his life out there. He is going to school at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood.  I am of course very proud of him and happy for him but I also miss him terribly. 
     My middle man, Max, is a freshman in high school now. He has an adorable girlfriend, is doing well in school and is still the most creative person I know.
      Little One, Oliver, is a busy second grader.  He laughs every day and still gives me a hug often.  Which is nice.  He's still loud, messy and funny; so that's the same.
      My intention is to up date this blog and "bring it back" as Oliver recently said to me, "You can't just leave those people hanging! You have 700 followers Mama."
So, not to leave anyone hanging.  Here I am.
Montessori Mama   

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