Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Seasonal Scissor Fun

For those of you who have children who love to cut with scissors, I've got some ideas for you!
Starting with the one pictured here: Cutting ever-green boughs! Not only is this a wonderful practical life exercise but your classroom or home will smell wonderful! The children will enjoy snipping the needles and filling a bowl, and later the cut needles can be added with crushed cloves and dried orange peels for a seasonal potpourri.

At the Montessori School I visit, children make seasonal potpourri pouches. They work as a classroom community to make the potpourri in various stages, then when all the yummy smelly ingredients have been combined to make a potpourri, they spoon it into the center of a square shaped piece of fabric and gather all four corners, securing with a pipe-cleaner with a bell on it.

I love this classroom tradition! Sometimes teachers are blessed with a season potpourri pouch gift, given to them by a small friend who knows "it's all about the process" and will leave school with a jingle in their pocket. Many times I have come home with such a treasure to hang upon our family tree. I just might have to make these with my kids here at home this year!
(Pictures will follow.)

Other fun ways to practice using scissors:
Making garlands!
With a bold marker draw straight or dashed lines for the child to use a guide while cutting strips of colored paper (stiff paper works best/card stock). After color strips are cut, they can be made into paper rings to link with contrasting colors ex: red and green, using tape or stapler. These paper garlands can be used to decorate almost anything, a doorway, a tree, a mantel. Another idea, make a paper link chain with just enough links as days are left until Christmas or New Year, your child can then 'cut' one paper link each day.

Greeting Card Collages:
Cutting up greeting cards and last year's calendar. This type of paper is stiff and easier to cut than regular paper. The fun pictures are often interesting to young children and after the cutting is done, the gluing can begin! Make a holiday collage from the bits of cards.

Most important: Have fun and enjoy one another.


plaidshoes said...

I am going to remember that potpourri idea for the classroom next year. I imagine the whole room smells wonderful.

Jennifer Howard said...

It does, I miss it! Thank for your comment :)
How is going in your classroom? feel free to email me

kendra said...

What a great idea! The holidays are gone, but I'm going to go cut some rosemary branches for my little one to clip.

盛豐 said...


Where in the World?


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