Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How OLD is this kid?

My toddler believes he is nine years old not nineteen months old. I am sure of this. His BIG brother who just happens to be nine years old, is his hero. He wants to be like him in every way. Well, after much frustration over not being able to brush his teeth sink side, like BIG brother does, Not-So-Little One's Mama (that's me) wised up and got him a step stool.

Today the water play activity I set up in the kitchen (located by ME, so I could keep an eye on him AND attempt to finish some holiday baking) took on a life of it's own. Soon we were no longer in the kitchen. The bathroom is my little guy's favorite room and while I want to promote a fondness for this area of the house (with potty-training still to come) I wanted to get some baking done. The bathroom sink is his new passion. Silly me for thinking I could get something I wanted to do, done today, when there is a sink he can reach!

Who got him this step stool? Oh, yes, that was me....
I try and remember, what was it Dr. Montessori said?
"These words reveal the child's inner needs:
"Help me to do it alone."

So, the cookies will wait until nap time I guess, I follow his lead and find myself standing in the hallway snapping photos of my Not-So-Little little one at work in the bathroom.
Baby washing, filling up and pouring with water, climbing up and down a new step stool. Geesh...you'd think this kid was nine already!

Thanks for the inspiration: Wide Open :)



Suzanne said...

What a smile!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I'm so happy right now. Chaos is Normal led me here, and I have recently become obsessed with Montessori. I have every book and video from our library sitting on my shelf right now, and just toured a Montessori school that made me cry (okay, I cried a couple of times). I will be reading your blog start to finish. Take care.

testdriver said...

I LOVE this blog! Every now and then I am reminded how easy it is to get wrapped up in developmental milestones and this or that environmental support and forget what's really important about learning and teaching the Montessori way. Peace inside and peace outside. Thanks for sharing your blog. I hope you won't mind if I direct people here for a good dose of peace and philosophy.

What a lovely family, too. :-)

plaidshoes said...

It is hard in our busy lives to remember to slow down and let the child lead. Obviously, your little one is having a great time! My youngest (also) is constantly trying to do everything his older brother and sister are doing!

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