Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sponge Print Wrapping Paper

For this week's Art & Play class we made sponge print wrapping paper! This was easy, fun and dried quite quickly.

You will need:
  • butcher paper or a roll or thin painting paper
  • scissors to cut it
  • kids craft paint (in the colors you choose)
  • sponges cut into shapes (or not)
  • cookie cutters to dip too (if desired)
  • a paper plate
  • enthusiasm for filling a big space
There are allot of choices for the young child with this activity. What colors to use, which shape sponge to work with, where to place the's also a nice toddler activity because of the big area to fill. Be sure to put out lots of newspaper or create this art on a linoleum floor; make your clean up easy!

To dry: hang from a clothes line or piece of yarn hung across a room, using clothes pins.

Remember to have fun and to use the end result to wrap gifts for Grandparents (they LOVE kid-made treasures like this one!)
Happy Holidays

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