Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Poems by Jan Warren

A wonderful winter poem for

excusing children from a small group activity:

Four little snowbirds went out to play.
Along came _______
And chased one away.

Three little snowbirds out in the snow.
Along came ______
And one decided to go.

Two little snowbirds up in the tree.
Along came _______
Now only one do I see.

One little snowbird, now all alone.
Along came _______
So he flew home.

Take turns with your children
to fill in the blanks of this fun poem.

Snow, snow all around.
I like to watch it _______ to the ground.

Snow, snow oh so cold.
It feels like _______ on my nose.

Snow, snow falling hard.
It looks like _______ on the yard.

Snow, snow on the ground.
Makes a very _______ sound.

Snow, snow, let’s make balls.
Then we’ll make a ______ so tall.

For more Preschool poem fun
check out her web-site: Preschool Express

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