Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Favorite Things About Christmas 2007

1.) Our Tasha Tudor style Christmas tree my husband and sons cut from our property.
2.) Not having to travel ON Christmas this year.
3.) Christmas cookies (& trying new recipes. Like Blueberry Cottage's Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!)
4.) Belfast's down town Christmas lights that zig and zag above the streets.
5.) Homemade gifts both made and received.
5 1/2.) CARDS!!!! I almost forgot. I LOVE getting Christmas cards.
6.) Tea and cookies with friends both far and near.
7.) Displaying our family's Nutcracker collection.
8.) Listening to The Muppets & Jon Denver's Christmas CD, a classic.
["Piggy pudding?"
"No FIGGY pudding, it made with FIGS."
"And bacon."
9.) Our church's annual Solstice Celebration.
10.) At night, after the kids are all tucked in, sitting in the dark with only the tree lit with my husband...that's Christmas to me.


Hyperher said...

I've been listening to that CD in my car! I also love getting cards, wrapping presents, reflecting upon my year and building hopes for the next. Merry Christmas!

plaidshoes said...

I love cards, too! And our tradition of French Toast on Christmas morning and opening presents with the g-parents. Now if we could just get some snow....

Jennifer Howard said...

Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks for the comments.

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