Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lovin' Eric Carle

Colors, colors everywhere! My little one is drawn to bright colors and especially Eric Carle books. Okay, maybe that's me who loves Eric Carle but either way we seem to be reading allot of them lately. Brown Bear Brown Bear is a favorite. Here I have drawn the animals from the story on construction paper and laminated them (so they will last longer). My busy toddler enjoys matching them with the pages of the book and can now (after many times reading this favorite story), he can identify by pointing, to the animals and colors I name. You don't have to draw them yourself, you could make copies or ask an older child to draw them for you. This is a fun way to extend a treasure of a story and learn about colors.

Also pictured: A photo book I made with my 3-6 class one year. [The class was called: The Chickadee class] I am not comfortable sharing the children's photos without their parent's permission, so here is my page from the book, I'm sure you get the idea. The children read this book through-out the school year and seemed to enjoy finding their photo very much.
(And it was easy to pull together).
Have fun! In PEACE~~MM


Andrea Gray said...

Oh I love the idea of making animals to match the pages of the Eric Carle book, I'll have to try that with my little guy! Although my drawings will not be as artistic as yours! What a great way to extend a book reading session.

plaidshoes said...

What great ideas! I wish I had your creativity ;-)

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