Monday, December 24, 2007

Pick a Card, Any Card

So these are my new pass-the-time (Ha-Ha) craft.
Seriously, I really enjoy doodling with water color paints and can do so even when looking after my small child. I keep my paints & brushes ready and water is always close (of course it is with my little guy around). When he is finger painting, I paint too. When he is occupied with an activity, so am I..paint doodling I call it. When he is off and running, I sent it aside and then when he is in bed I find it again and cut it up into little slips of paper. I write words on them (words of encouragement/inspiration/comfort) and when time allows I have them laminated at my local UPStore!

Woo-La! Affirmation cards.

For those of you not familiar with the concept: You keep a dish of these special words/phrases near your bedside or where you start your day (ours are near the bowl that holds the car keys). Each morning/evening you choose one card randomly and that is your word to reflect on.
I used them in my classroom when it was some one's birthday. The birthday child would pick a card and that word would be their word for the year to come. It's a wonderful tool for teaching new vocabulary words and sharing a personal moment with your students. Other times we would just pick them at circle time, pick a card and read it out-loud, what does it mean to you?

I made a set of them for my 3rd grader's classroom, the set was made up of phrases, I explained that all the statements were true of who-ever chooses them, if not when they picked them than after. If you haven't had an opportunity to encourage peace for example, after choosing that card you will.
I am an artist ~ I make healthy choices ~ I encourage peace ~ I sing beautifully ~ I read well ~ I try my best ~ I care for the Earth

The teacher told me, they use them every day as a way to regroup after recess. The children look forward to choosing different words or phrases in relationship to what is going on for them in their lives.
[And it really does work! When I was expecting my third child (but did not know it at the time)
I pulled the following cards in a row: expectancy, waiting, fate, choice, and birth!
I am not making this up!]

So remember during this holiday break, to nurture the creative spirits not only in your children, but in all of you! Take time to paint-doodle. Make something with your hands, get messy and have fun!
We are ALL Artists after all.
Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and liked the cards idea in this post. Do you have any suggestions for resources I could use to come up with words or phrases for the cards? I cannot seem to come up with many on my own, but I really like the idea.

Montessori Mama said...

Thanks for the comment. The words can be any you like, I got my list of 20 words from a set of Angel cards I was given as a gift long ago... another source would be those 'Well Being cards' that are sold at whole food stores. (I'll put a list for all to see on the right side bar of the blog page.)

For the statement cards I brainstormed with my son's teacher to come up with statements that were going to be true for anyone who read them and encourage the kids to explore a part of themselves they maybe didn't spend too much time on, for example being artist or scientific.

I'm glad you liked the idea and I look forward to hearing back how it works in your classroom/home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response. I will let you know how it works out once I get some made.

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alexis said...

hi, i found your blog via montessori by hand, and i love it! i have a 2 year old and am always interested in new ideas for ways to teach her at home. i went to montessori school as a child and loved it, and as a parent i am drawn to the practicality of the montessori approach. your ideas really inspire me, is it ok if i link to your blog on my own? here is the link to my blog:

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