Tuesday, January 1, 2008

B is for Book

For Christmas I made this A B C book for my little one. Friends and family suggested I share it with all of you. It was lots of fun to pull together, it took a bit of thought and planning to find items for each letter. Much like scrap-booking I chose photos I thought would work well together and things I didn't have pictures of I photographed.

Toddlers are always making connections between familiar objects and people. Even though Peek-a-Boo is still a favorite game by the time they have reached 18 months they have a well established understanding of object permanence. What is gone, is no longer forgotten. For example the letter 'P' is for Papa Joe, my Dad, who unfortunately my little guy doesn't get to see very often. Except now he will see a photo of him every time we read this book. My hope is that through photos and stories and phone calls my son will remember his grandpa between visits.

The cow is my son's current favorite animal, the stuffed version being a favorite toy. Because I am a Montessorian I felt compelled to present both his toy and a photo of a real cow. Crayons are used daily around here a house hold staple for sure; and lastly wearing his big brother's crown is a favorite dress up. Using photos of your child(ren) will also attract them to this one of a kind book.

Once upon a time I ran a child care program and we made an A B C book using the children's names and classroom surroundings, almost every year. This is a wonderful group project, introduced at circle you'll have children coming in every day presenting you with objects that represent the letters. It includes everyone and familiarizes beginner readers with the alphabet.

Have fun!


plaidshoes said...

What a sweet book! How fun to look back on it as he grows older and relive the memories. I wish I was better about putting together things like that!

alexis said...

That is a fabulous idea. It will, I'm sure, be loved for generations to come. And your boy looks so cute--and right at home--in a crown!

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