Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Monday was suppose to be the day I got all the laundry done. 'Little One' had other ideas. So did his big brother, 'Bigger than me'. With a day off from school my 15 year old had made 'plans', plans that included ME driving into town and picking up his buddy (who I would later have to drive home as well) plans to play Guitar Hero III and eat junk. "A fun day off" he told me, "You know, I need a break, I just finished a week of mid-terms Mom."

A break? It's been a while since I had a break myself and I admit I felt some envy brewing in me. So I took a break from laundry and instead played with Little One and the laundry basket.
I thought we covered the concepts of IN and OUT very well. It was fun, slowing down and taking a 'break' from the list of things I felt needed to get done.

My oldest and his buddy, played with Little One for a bit outside, which was really a 'break' for this Mom. I watched from the front window as my tall son took care of his little brother, holding is hand while they walked up the hill, then as he made sure to drag his hands so together they
s-l-o-w -l-y slid down the incline.

"Mom!" My big boy shouted excitedly when I came out to take pictures,
"He's talking! He said, 'IN' and then when we got to the bottom of the hill and stopped, he looked at me and said, 'OUT'!"

So now it's Tuesday, and the laundry is piled higher than ever, but I don't care. I am so blessed and days like Monday help me to remember what's important: Being flexible.

I did mention to my big guy that next time he makes 'plans' that include me driving him places or picking people up, that I would like to be asked ahead of time. I pointed out that I am willing to be flexible but that I appreciate him showing consideration for me and the plans I may already have in place.

Looking at these pictures this morning I realized something sad but true, soon my big guy will be able to drive himself places and sledding with his little brothers will be a thing of the past.
It makes my heart ache how fast they grow up.

Monday lessons learned:
Being flexible is important
Making memories is important
Taking pictures of my children happy together is important (to me)
Learning about IN and OUT with one's whole body is important

So in closing, to all of you hard working, laundry doing, meal cooking, house cleaning, taxi driving, home-work tutoring, peace making, always teaching, always loving Mamas & Papas out there....
Take a break today. You've earned it.

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plaidshoes said...

This is something I have to constantly remind myself! I get way too stuck in routines and "must get done" modes. It sounds like a great day.

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