Thursday, January 17, 2008

Art & Play: Snowman song

Hi All,
Here is the Snowman song I sung with my Art & Play class at Waterfall Arts today:
[sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Tea Pot"]

I'm a Little Snowman:

I'm a Little snowman short and fat,
Here are my buttons, here is my hat!
When the sun comes out, I cannot play.
I just slowly melt away!
(the "Splat" is optional)

I thought I would pass the words along for those of you who want to sing it with your kiddos. Today's Art & Play activity: Tissue paper stained glass votives can be found at this terrific BLOG page: Bella Dia (festive fairy lights)
Remember to have fun and enjoy your time with your children. (The "Splat " part is especially fun, fall to the ground and lay flat like a big puddle of melted snow.)


plaidshoes said...

After reading this, I sang it to my three y/o. He promptly said "NO!, that's not it!". I didn't realize he was so fond of the "teapot" version! ;-)

(PS- did you ever get my emails? - I'm not sure they went through.)

alexis said...

What a fun song, I just sang it to Sophie and she loves it. (Especially the SPLAT!) The craft looks like fun, too, but the Mod Podge would go right into the mouth. I'll have to file that one away for later. As far as I'm concerned, the messy crafts are the best.

Jennifer Howard said...

After I posted this song I realized I did not include the hand motions. They are very simple and you can obviously make up your own but here you go:
1.)Squat down making your arms arch to make you look like round.
2.)Press imaginary buttons up your tummy to your neck.
3.)Put on an imaginary hat
4.)s l o w l y melt to the floor into child's pose and smack hands to the floor when you say "Splat!"
Thanks for the comments!

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