Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Beauty and Wonder Table:

A little table or small shelf dedicated to a changing array of beautiful objects from nature.
Some ideas are: sea shells, rocks, pine cones, snake skin, moss covered bark, bird feathers, beach glass, fossils, perhaps even an animal bone or antler discovered on a nature walk.
This area for the classroom is kept tidy, beautiful and is constantly changing. A small basket of magnifying glasses are kept near by for the children to make closer observations.
At the beginning of the school year a letter is sent home to encourage whole family participation in the collection of items for the Beauty & Wonder Table. It is our hope that upon nature walks or while vacationing; families will make discoveries and bring in their treasures to share with
the school community.

Photographs of natural objects have been welcomed additions to our Beauty & Wonder Table when it has not been possible to remove those items from nature.

*Note the binoculars on the floor, a young friend was sitting near by looking out the window at birds prior to me taking this photo.


plaidshoes said...

I love the idea of a wonder table. It seems like people hardly take the time to just stop and admire what nature has provided. One of my favorite memories is when the kids set up their lawn chairs, umbrellas for shade, and watched the garden grow!

village mama said...

This is so lovely!

Courtney Corey said...

I love the Wonder Table. It is beautiful. Items such as shells, a stone, a piece of bark, a twig with moss growing on it... are some of my sons's favorite things to play with and to imagine with. Right now, he has an ostrich egg and a big piece of bark "displayed" neatly on his bedside table. They are his "treasures."

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