Sunday, January 27, 2008

More ABC materials

My little one enjoyed his home made ABC book so much that when I found this charming Alphabet book (while thrift shopping) I decided to pair the items pictured with manipulatives my guy could play with. Most of the items I found around the house! He enjoys matching up the toys with the pictures and although he is working toward speaking words still; I know he is gaining so much from working with this material.

This work could easily be created by using an alphabet strip or the movable alphabet; and for an older child I would probably do that but for my son, (who is 20 months now!) finding two objects that match two pages of this book, makes this an activity that he can be successful at rather than a daunting task he doesn't have the attention span for yet.

And I've observed him with this material, interesting he doesn't choose to 'find' the same two objects every time; he usually chooses the object first from the basket and then finds them in the pages of the book. When he uses this solo he finds maybe four or five objects and then moves on, when we read the book together he wants ME to find ALL of the items to match the pictures before moving on. I like to do this with him, knowing he is getting to see, touch and hear the letter sounds.

Most of us have an ABC book (or two) if finding matching objects to all the photos/drawings is too difficult a task, modify this activity by finding items around the home or classroom that begin with the letter sounds.
Most of all have fun and enjoy your time with your child(ren).


Mama J said...

I love this idea--the handmade book AND the physical objects. I am the proud mama of a four month old, and I've been looking for fun activities involving books. Thank you for your beautiful blog--I plan on visiting often!

village mama said...

I love this idea too.

Anonymous said...

I once started making an ABC book with my son, having him take digital photos of various objects he found that fit with a letter of the alphabet. I wonder what happened to that project?!! He's in upper el. now. Might be a nice project, though, to complete and give to Children's House....

I like your site!

Mama J said...

Montessori Mama: Would you like to be one of my testing pairs for the carriers? I need another big guy in the group. Email me at and let me know. Happy day!

Melissa said...

What a great idea! I'm definitely going to do this for O.

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