Friday, January 11, 2008

Meet Maria Mouse!

Hi Everyone,
I would like to introduce Miss Maria Mouse. I am hoping one day her stories will be on the book shelves of Montessori classrooms, public libraries, book stores and homes everywhere! A grand idea I know, but I can dream. My children enjoy her stories and I am hopeful other children will also. I'll keep you posted about her journey. Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement!


plaidshoes said...

Did you make this book? How cool! It would be great for the parents to also read about all her amazing accomplishments!

roz said...

What a wonderful blog you have here.
I'm sure you can make your dreams a reality. Adorable illustration!

Montessori Mama said...

Yes, I did draw Maria Mouse and have written many stories about her. Over the years working with children I have found that sometimes there just isn't the right story out there to meet the needs of what message I am trying to get across or lesson I am trying to teach; so I have made up stories about Maria Mouse (who lives in a children's house) and all the different adventures she has. The kids seem to enjoy them and I am having fun drawing the pictures (when time allows). Thank you for your kind words! If (when) I get them published I will be sure to share them with all of you.
Many thanks

RYD said...

I can't wait to see more of Maria Mouse! I hope your dreams come true - keep us posted.

Hyperher said...

As a librarian I have to say that you do have a market of readers interested. I get more and more requests for Montessori info nowadays. It would be nice to actually have accessible info for children. Maria would have wanted it that way.

village mama said...

She's beautiful! Keep nourishing her and the world at large will soon meet her ;-)

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