Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water Color Magic

Find yourself needing 15 minutes of time? Set down this 'magic' tray in front of your child and 15 minutes you shall have! No child I've met can resist making watercolor pictures.
Materials needed:
1/4 sheet of water color paper
a pencil (to write their name)
a set of water color paints
a sponge for easy clean up
small jar for water

Mix it up a bit by adding a subject matter for the older child, perhaps a book on Vincent Van Gogh and a vase of sunflowers to paint? Be creative, enjoy your budding artist and if time allows pick up the brush and paint a picture yourself.

In peace~~MM


Suzanne said...

I love your illustration in the upper corner!!! Pure Magic:-)))

Montessori Mama said...

Thank you Suzanne, you are too kind!
Say a prayer Maria Mouse will soon be on book shelves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted. In peace

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