Thursday, January 13, 2011

New This Week

Our Peace table....Top shelf: aromatherapy pillow, running water battery operated fountain, share stone, When I Make Silence book, lotus flower candle holder and a sea shell. Bottom shelf: rugs and affirmations in a basket.

Bird feeders to hang on our classroom Christmas tree which now resides on the playground.

Color sorting dinosaur counters for some younger friends who LOVE to count!

The Mitten Work. Using illustrations from Jan Brett's book: The Mitten (available on her web site) the children cut and colored each animal and then I covered them in clear packing tape to protect them during use.  Next, add a 'found' mitten from a donation bag and "volia!" you're done.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeling Crafty

 My dear friend Danielle gave me a very special gift a few years ago.  She gave me these two adorable little girls to love!  As a mother of all boys having a couple little girls to make girl type things for is heavenly.
 And YES, that's Harry Potter.

Where in the World?


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