Friday, March 28, 2008

Spirit Play Lesson: I Love the Earth

Spirit Play Story Lesson:
"We value our home, Earth, that we share with all living beings.
Love You, Sun. I Love You, Moon
by Karen Pandell (adapted by Jennifer Howard)

Materials needed: Rug, place mat with shapes in another color of felt sewn on or outline drawn on; objects to represent: sun, sheep, leaf, tree, fish, dove, rock, bug, earth, stars, moon, and heart.

Jennifer's Notes:
*As the story is told, each object is placed on the corresponding shape on the outer circle. It is the story teller’s choice when telling the story to connect each object to the center heart or their own heart, before putting object down on outline. When practicing this story try it both ways and use whichever feels more comfortable to you.

*This lesson could be shared in silence using sign language only; providing it has been presented with language first.

*Wondering Questions (at the bottom) are intended to be asked but not necessarily answered.


(Lay out a rug, smooth out)

"Watch carefully where I go to get the lesson."

(Go to shelf and remove lesson basket.)

"Ah, here it is."

"See, this is a story about loving to valuing our planet, Earth, which we share.
In our classroom community we have three promises we make to each other about how we are going to treat each other, so that we all get along, and feel safe here."

[Optional: You could take time to review them "Be Gentle, Be Safe, Be Kind" OR you could continue, assuming everyone understand what you are referencing]

( Hold up the glass heart admire it and ask: )

What does it make you think of? What does it mean?"

(after the children offer answers, place glass heart on top of its felt outline in the center of the circle, next pick up the glass sun touch it to center heart [or your own heart] and then place it on its outline)

"In this story, this heart means 'Love'"

"I love you, sun."

(Touch sheep to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, sheep."

(Touch leaf to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, wind, and the leaves that blow in the powerful wind."

(Touch tree to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, tree."

(Touch fish to center heart and then on its outline))

"I love you, fish."

(Touch dove to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, dove."

(Touch rock to center heart and then on its outline)

I love you, rock."

(Touch bug to center heart and then on its outline)

I love you, bug."

(Touch earth to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, earth."

(Touch stars to center heart and then on its outline)

"I love you, stars."

(Place moon in center on heart and then on its outline.)

"I love you, moon."

(Again touch each and name of the items, without picking them up, and then lastly the heart)

"I love you, ALL, and so much more, my beautiful universe.

I love you and you love me."

Wondering Questions:

I wonder how Earth loves us?

I wonder what you love on Earth?

I wonder how you can show ( rock, moon, Earth, etc.) that you love her?

I wonder how it feels to be loved?

I wonder how it feels to say “I love you”?

I wonder if the stars (earth, moon, sheep, etc.) loves the rock (sun, etc.)?

I wonder how it feels to be a part of Earth?

I wonder how we can respect all living beings?


Laura said...

I LOVE this lesson. Are you referencing a published book that you would use with this activity, or would you present it as you have stated, without a book?

Melissa said...

I love this!

Montessori Mama said...

Spirit Play is a Unitarian Universalist curriculum for Children. A woman named Nita Pentfold designed it (she was a Montessori teacher) and she incorporated many Montessori elements into the lessons. I was the Director of Religious Education for several years at my church and was blessed to meet Nita and participate in a Spirit Play training she lead. I was inspired after taking the training and wanted to share many of the lessons with the children at Cornerspring. So...I modified the Spirit Play lessons (removing the UU references) and created some of my own around peace education, friendship, our natural world...
Mine follow the Spirit Play formate but are different. I am presently trying to compile, organize and create more to (hopefully) present at the AMS National Conference next year. To answer your question Laura: Yes, there is a book, however I have never seen it or been able to find it?? and I personally do not present with the book. The items tell the story with the help of the story teller/teacher or child. The book is not really needed for the lesson but is nice to have in your classroom library. My lessons do not reference any books [other than my own stories which are not (yet) published books]. Thank you for your comments! I LOVE this lesson also, the children do too!
For more information about Spirit Play look to my side bar.
Thanks again for reading,

Melissa said...

We have the book and read it often. I found it at a second hand children's shop and bought it because its bilingual (and I try to expose O to Spanish as much as I can). Its a sweet and simple book that is illustrated by Tomie dePaola. I can't wait to find what I need to do this lesson. O is going to love it! Thanks!

village mama said...

Thanks for always sharing.

Laura said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I actually did find the book on Amazon. It was available in board book format, but sounds just like what you described.

Alijah Amarion said...

Good Posting!!

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