Friday, March 28, 2008

Art & Play: Puff Paint Fun

Borrowing a wonderful idea from the Artful Parent, I tried my hand at making home made puff paints! They were lots of fun, I am happy to report. The children seemed to enjoy the squeeze containers and bright colors. I recently picked up some free wallpaper books from our local paint supplies store and we used this paper for our creations. This is a two part project, due to the time it takes to dry, so we will hopefully finish up next Thursday.
My nine year old had a day off from school and so he and my little one joined Art+Play for the day! This created a little chaos, as Little One does not seem to feel comfortable in big groups. (Sharing his Mama was also a challenge for him.) So I was a little stressed I have to admit. But everyone else seemed to have fun and many beautiful pictures were created. Puff Paint is fun to work with I highly recommend it!
Jean at The Artful Parent also leads an art group. (I wish I lived close enough to bring Little One!)


The Artful Parent said...

Jennifer, I'm actually on the East coast (North Carolina), but still quite a ways from you. I grew up in Oregon, but moved East for college. Glad you had fun with the puffy paint!! -Jean

Montessori Mama said...

I'm sooo sorry! Ooops. I'll make a correction.
Puff painting was lots of fun, thanks for the wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer- since you are in the possession of wallpaper books let me share a few things we do with them at our school. Several years ago a school family closed down a hardware store and donated so many books I can't even tell you. Eventually it became impossible to store them so after sharing with as many people as possible I sadly threw some out. We still have a LOT. We call it fancy paper at school and the children love to work with it.
1. cut into smaller pieces and use with insets (trace on the back)for cutting practice.
2. keep a supply of pretraced shapes for cutting and instant art projects-great collage fodder.
3. cut into various width strips for still more cutting practice (seeing my theme here?)
4. I trace around individual elements such as flowers with a sharpie marker and let the CHildren (you guessed it...)cut them out and make pretty cards with them.
I loved your idea of background for paint. Who has other creative ideas for using this wonderful resource?

Jennifer said...

I could certainly relate when I read this post! I have brought my son to work with me since he was six months old. And even though my work often resembles play, it is often stressful. He has never been confortable in big groups either. But the hands-on experiences he has had over these couple of years makes all the stress worth it. That's what I keep reminding myself...

I admire your blog. We do many Montessori activities at home and we are both learning so much as we go. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration.

Montessori Mama said...

Okay, puff paints were fun...however they do not stick to wall paper!!
I returned to Waterfall Arts to find our now dry puff paint creations, cracked and loose. :( in no way transportable. This truly was a process only art project.
Oh well. The children enjoyed it and forgot it (interestingly enough) so I mentioned it to their parents and most said I could get rid of their child's puff paint sculptures. Today we made prints!
I'll post soon.

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