Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lovin' Leo Lionni

Another favorite children's book author/illustrator of mine is
Leo Lionni
This book, Fredrick is my favorite by him. (Apparently I have an affection for mice and cut paper illustrations?)
I also love A Color of My Own and Swimmy also by Leo Lionni
Just thought I'd share. :)
What is your favorite children's book?


maya said...

we have/love a color of his own!

our favorite books right now are knuffle bunny and knuffle bunny too.

Shannon said...

I have so many favorites! I can never narrow one down. I have thoroughly enjoyed Tom and Pippo books with our toddler. i am getting really excited now that he can hold on to longer stories.

K said...

I could never narrow it down to just one favorite, but the ones that I pull out over and over again to read to H are the same ones that were my favorites as a child: Madeline, Harry The Dirty Dog, and The Little House.

Mama J said...

I suppose the books we are bringing on us with vacation would be our favorites right now...The Giving Tree, The Gas We Pass (The Story of Farts), Elmer, and I Love My Mama (a book about a baby elephant and the wonderful things he does with his mama everyday). Great question!

jojoebi said...

We have Color of his own too. I think the current favourites in our house are.. Monkey Puzzle, The Big Pancake, Mr McGee and the biting flee andWe all went on Safari. Not sure which Japanese books he is stuck on at the moment because daddy reads those.

Dayna said...

my fav. growing up was Flat read to my daughter I love Little Pea and Jillian Jiggs. My husband likes to read her any Seuss and his childhood favorite by Pam Hutchins - Owl Tried To Sleep.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a children's book: If Big Can, I Can. It's such a wonderful book for 2-4 year olds about friendship, loneliness and together-ness. It's written in free verse and has the most delightful drawings in it.

In fact, I borrowed this from our local library, and loved it so much that I recently bought us a copy so that I wouldn't forget about it when my newborn son is old enough to enjoy it. I've never bought a toddler's book for myself before that I could borrow from the library. I just really loved this one :)

~ Cindy

Hyperher said...

I posted a response yesterday and Blogger ate it. So, here's my second attempt. I have many favorite: Granpa by John Burnigham and Courage by Bernard Waber come to mind. I also love: the Frog and Toad series by Arnold Lobel, many stories by William Steig, Dear Mr Blueberry by Simon James, plus most everything he has written. Jon Muth is really wonderful. Zen Shorts is one thst comes to mind. I like simple books discussing big stuff subtly. The illustrations in
picture books tell the stories that words cannot to a child who picks the book up but cannot read. So I have to include the woodcuts of Mary Azarian. They are gorgeous!
My personal childhood favorite was Tasha Tudor. I wanted to live inside those books!

simonsterg said...

I just read this one today (and so googled it...) - it's the perfect encapsulation of the need for art, so simple, economical!

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