Saturday, March 15, 2008

Encouraging Spring

As you know, I live in the Northeast and it has been snowing here since is March now and looking out my window, I can see more of the fluffy white stuff falling. I am growing a little tired of it and I LOVE the snow. People are grumbling and I think the birds have had enough already. Because of this l o n g winter season we are having, I decided for this week's Art & Play class we would do something to encourage Spring to arrive.
What did we do you ask?
We painted clay pots and planted cat grass seed! I took photos and then my camera stopped working. Needless to say I am disappointed I am unable to show you the shots of toddlers painting their clay pots but do know that they turned out lovely and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. For a Montessori extension to this art craft I created this work:
Planting seeds & decorating your own pot!
At the craft store, I discovered markers that write/draw on terracotta pots so, of course I scooped those up! This way each child can not only plant their own pot of spring grass but they can bring it home in a decorated clay pot! (planting seed work only pictured)
When leading Art & Play I showed the pictures from book:
The Carrot Seed
I'm not a big fan of the words in this book, so I paraphrased. Anyway, the children then wanted to make a garden marker to say what was growing in their pots. And so this second work was created:
Plant Marker Creating:

I provided the cards on pop sticks for decorating, scissors, a glue stick, cut paper, colored pencils, and contact paper (sized to fit) to cover & protect the finished sign.
Wondertime Magazine has a great article called Plant, Pick, Eat. Check it out as time allows you. When I can finally access my photos I will post the painted pots!
Inch by inch row by row.......ENJOY

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village mama said...

looking forward to seeing your painted pots; it's definitely on our spring time traditions to do too!

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