Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood defined me.

Because of him, I became someone I never thought I'd be. Because of him just being I did things I never knew I would do. And I found in myself a courage I never knew was there. I am grateful to him. And I am proud of us both. I continue to learn from him each and every day, new things about myself and this big, big world, because of him growing up in it.

Now there are three of them, three sons, each special and his own person. Each gifting me with something unique.

My second son, Middle Man, has taught me great patience and the power of will. Without him I would lack my deep understanding and compassion for parents of challenging children, life would be far less exciting around here and to him I will always be grateful ~ it was due to HIS interest in art that I remembered how much I enjoyed drawing. He makes me laugh every day and inspires me. Without him in my life I fear I would be a more judging person, more fearful and unsure of myself. One of his greatest gifts is his ability to absorb the emotions of others around him. This is both a gift and a burden for this young boy, but for me, through comforting him I have gained an awareness I most certainly never would have had.

And Little One, my smallest and sweetest boy. Through him I have come to realize that life is all about sacrifices and sometimes we have to go through it, give it up and just let it be. Little One has reminded me that life is a sensorial experience not to be ignored! He has forced me to slow down and to appreciate quiet moments, from slugs to blades of grass and most importantly that sometimes you need to hold a hand bigger than yours, "Just P-cause".

Happy mother's Day to all of you too! My hat is off to you for the many. many diapers you've changed, tears you have wiped away, the 100s of not very funny five year old jokes you've listened to and laughed about, the 100,000,000,000...... loads of laundry you've done, the boo-boos you have mended, the questions you have answered, the photos you have taken, the doctor visits you have gone through, the number of times you've been thrown up on & peed on, the sleepless nights, for reading Goodnight Moon "just one more time", for the gentle reminders you have given, for helping with math home work....the list is endless as you well know....
Happy Mother's Day to ALL!!! I pray today you will get a break, if only for a moment.
In loving PEACE,


Green Mamma said...

Aw, now I'm gonna have to grab a tissue and wipe away my happy tears, :-)

Such a sweet, sweet post.

Happy Mother's Day!

alankarshilpa said...

I love your blog. So many times I have talked about your felt worlds and other projects to fellow Montessorians but never told you. Happy Mother's day to you. Love _Dita.

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Beautiful boys, beautiful mumma, beautiful sentiments. Happy mother's day!

Joy said...

That was so sweet!

The Amazing Trips said...

Happy Mother's Day. You're doing a wonderful job with your boys...!!

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