Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bird Seed in the Sensory Table

Birds of a feather stick together!
Every student spent some time scooping and dumping, pouring and measuring bird seed today! Oh what fun they had, There is something very Zen about letting small bits fall through one's fingers. Some friends did pour the bird seed on the floor, allowing others to practice sweeping! It was a win~win situation. When outside time arrived the bird seed table followed us out too. The children loved this activity. Here's hoping you have hungry birds in need of seed!


Stanislavka said...

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing...

Teaching Montessori said...

I have given you a blog award. Please check my blog for details. Thanks

Tracy said...

Bird seed is a great idea. I love to change it up in my sensory tub. In the fall we learned about corn and had feed corn in the tub which we share with our squirrel and chipmunk friends.I also like making a mix of many types of beans-- so pretty. Then we use them for bean pictures, although with your little guys that might not be the best. And or course rice and "treasure rocks"...moon sand, shaving cream, pudding etc etc.

Anonymous said...

This is totally random, and a little bit late for the post, but my sister and i once cleaned out our pumpkins for jack'o'lanterns, got rid of the pumpkin flesh and strings, then set the seeds in a bowl with water to rinse them off for roasting. What happened next astonished us all: the seeds, suspended in the water, created the most fantastic whorls and shapes. Upon putting our fingers in to swirl and rinse, the sensation became even more amazing. What a tactile experience!

Not sure if this would be too messy for the children, but i just thought i'd pass along a great experience that we re-live once a year :)

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