Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inspiration and Ideas Are Everywhere!

I really love the internet....when I have the time to search and keep track of things. Most of the time I find something and then forget where I saw it. Someone else always needs the computer around here. There are five of us and just one computer. Below is a list of sites I've visited recently while looking for classroom materials. There are countless more out there but I thought I would give a shout out to these ones, this time. Just my way of saying, thanks for being there! Because of you, my summer is full and rich with activity and inspiration, my sewing machine is always running and someone around here, myself included, almost always has paint on their hands. The last two days have been rainy...I know you feel my pain.

So, if you need inspiration or ideas, OR you just like looking at what others are up to this summer....ENJOY:

Ideas for Kids,
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow
On the Shelf
Montessori Mom
Preschool Crafts
Child Made Ideas
Paint + Cut + Paste blog
Polar Bear Creations
Fair Trade Family blog
Eyes on Nature blog
Creative Jewish Mom
Childhood Magic
Soft Earth's World
Rosy ~ Posy
Sew Mama Sew!
Sew Natural
and last but certainly not least: Etsy (of course, I mean come on...Etsy ROCKS right?)

I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs and sites as much as I do!


plaidshoes said...

Thanks for the links - I will definitely check them out!

softearthart said...

Hi Jennifer, many thanks for including my blog in your arty links, cheers from New Zealand Marie

Rosina said...

Hi Jennifer :) Thanks so much for linking my blog in your list. I'm so happy that you have found some great ideas and I can't wait to check out all of the others. Have a great summer!

Discovering Montessori said...

Thanks for all the links. I must be honest I find a lot of my inspirations right here, this is why I have a award for you. Please visit my blog.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Love your blog, Jennifer, so I gave you an award over at mine...will have to check out some of the cool links you listed, as some of tem I had not heard of before, but look forward to visiting...



thanks for the link! can't wait to really explore your blog!

Nicola said...

Great sites, thanks for the list! If you have a chance check out It is a coloring page and worksheet site that allows you to customize the font and text. We just launched about 6 months ago. As an artist and Montessori teacher I would really love to hear what you think about it. Any feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.
Nicola @ Twisty Noodle

Jessie said...

Jennifer, this is cute. I do believe I've seen adults having tantrums too ;)

Enjoy your summer with those boys!!


Tracy said...

So easy to get distracted isn't it? Information management is such an interesting new tool and problem.

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