Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Montessori

Happy Birthday Maria~
If I could I would thank you.  For all you mean to me and so many.  Thank you for never giving up.  For believing in yourself when no one else did.  It must have been so hard to be you.  You were so brave.
Because of you, I am me.


Jennifer Howard said...

a day early....

mellyhamilton said...

Great post, and to a great woman! I have just read a great book about her life, I believe it is even available an an audio book. Here is the link share:
Keep up the good work!

Joyful Learner said...

Very touching letter. It's true...all the great leaders of their field had to fight against the norm. Thank you for reminding me about her courage. Very inspiring!

Amber said...

Wow :) One of your drawings I'm guessing? SO wonderful. Would you mind if I posted it on my blog with your link & credit of course? A. x

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