Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinosaurs ROAR!

 I made this Dinosaur play mat using ecofelt.  I tried to depict several difference areas for the dinos to roam: hill, mountain, cave, water, volcano, sky.

 Here the children enjoyed making dino tracks through the playdough "mud".  We also did this with paint. 
Digging for Dinos was great fun too!  I can't remember where I picked these dinosaur skeletons up but they have gotten much use.  So far we dug them up, painted them and made prints, pressed them into air hardening clay and made fossils and we even used them in story telling activities that helped to illustrate the demise of the dinosaurs. 
This was easy and fun (two of my favorite words).  The children pressed the plastic cookie cutter of their choice into a flat piece of Styrofoam (I picked up from the local grocery store meat department).  The imprint that was left on the Styrofoam became the stamp.  Next, using a roller, they rolled on a thin layer of printing paint and presto magico!  A dinosaur print was made.  Completely child done!  They were so proud of their efforts and their prints. 
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Andrea said...

I just wanted to stop by to say thanks for the great inspiration! We just finished a mini dinosaur unit, and tried using your dinosaur stamp idea. Although it wasn't successful for us (yet!), it was such a cute idea and I'm determined to find the right materials to make it work the next time we try it.

Thanks again!

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