Sunday, March 13, 2011

Planting Spring

Truly, I can't say enough about the importance of growing plants and caring for living creatures in one's classroom.
Your children will assume the role of "care giver" quite naturally and whichever you choose, plant or animal, is sure to recieve quality attention from your students.
Just remember: It is the teacher's responsibility to provide the same amount of love and care over the weekend and school vacation.
Montessori Mama
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Olives and Pickles said...

I need to to this one!Thanks for the inspiration!
olives and pickles

Carrie Martinez said...

Jennifer, I was super happy to see your kind are such an inspiration, and I have enjoyed all of the great ideas you present on your blog. You are inspiring to this mama of two pre-school boys--I have incorporated as much montessori methods as I can in my home, and hope to put the boys in a montessori school when they are old enough. Oh, and I hope you do get to hug a redwood tree one day....they inspire me daily (I live 5 minutes away from some of the biggest ones).
Have an inspired weekend!

Unknown said...

Thank you sharing such idea with us, kids love to do messy things and by planting they are not only learning but also helpig our earth also by making it green.
Montessori Teacher

Dan said...

What beautiful springtime pics! Gives me some hope for a quick summer. Click here for more information on Montessori Schools in Illinois.

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