Saturday, April 16, 2011

No PHOTOS Please!

Just to share, for you regular readers of this blog of mine, my former employer has sent me a letter today requesting I cease to use any photos I took of the children while I worked for that school. 

So, I will now begin the tedious job of removing said photos from past posts of mine.  Thank you for your understanding and patience while I complete this lengthy task.

Any future photos used to illustrate this blog will be ONLY of my own children, my friends children and the children presently in my care at my child care program, Helping Hands Family School. Whom which I have the permission to use photos of for this purpose.  



Sue said...

Grrrrrr !
You poor thing!

Ms. Amber said...

Definitely a tedious thing, but we understand the reasoning behind such a request. Looking forward to future pictures!

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