Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transportation Theme Preschool

 This week began our summer session.  The theme: Transportation
 Check out this masterpiece! Hot wheels cars making tracks through yellow and black paint. 
The children LOVED this activity and you know me, art outside is always a hit!

 There were cars and trucks everywhere! Indoors and out ~ large and small.  In the first photo, you can see how I simply taped the table top with masking tape and then drew a broken line down the "roadway" for table top play.  This table top activity soon became more with the addition of wooden blocks on the playground.  Ramps were constructed, buildings built, even a bridge from the table top to the slide! (sorry no photos).
And of course in the sand table.  My suggestion: provide materials that support your theme for outdoor play. AND: Ask your students what they want to learn about!
Next week's theme: Outside the Cardboard Box
PEACE, Jennifer

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Fredrick said...

ahhh! the first picture in the blog had remind me of those golden days(school days) where i have the done the same kind of product with building and parks etc.. but the model was same... miss those days

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