Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

How lucky are we to have a Rabbit in the family school?
Today was a great Spring day.  One of my little friends shared her pet rabbit with us.
The other children bravely took turns to pet the rabbit and offered her carrots from snack.  Too cute!
Happy Easter to all of you.
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eyeDeaList said...

WOw, that's one huge bunny! Was it brought in by the kids or the montessori take care of the pets ? We do have some rabbits and turtles in some of our Enrichment Centres in Singapore

Chester Jones said...

Stuff like this makes me wish I had gone to a Montessori school! I would have loved to have a bunny in the classroom as a kid. What a joy that was for the kids.

Chester Jones |

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