Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AMS National Conference

Are you attending? I AM!! I am so very excited and grateful to share this news with all of you. As I mentioned before my first book is being published as we speak, and will be released at this year's National Montessori Conference. I never thought I could attend because it is in New Orleans and I am well, in Maine. The funds are just not available for me, money is too tight.

This weekend however, I learned that my very dear friend and wonderful Directress, Paula, worked some magic and inspired some other gloriously generous folks to pay my way! I can't believe it and I hope I have written enough flattering words about those who contributed in the above sentence :)

I am so appreciative to everyone who has helped make this possible and I can't wait to attend the National AMS Conference! My publisher is arranging some book signing spots for me. So if you will be attending this year's conference PLEASE come by the Parent Child Press vendor table and introduce yourself! Even if you are not planning to make a purchase, I would still love to meet you. Stop by and say hi!

Again MANY thanks to those individuals who have supported me and inspired me and helped me make this dream come true. I am so thankful you are all in my life.
Jennifer Howard aka Montessori Mama
and author of When I Make Silence
PS I found my camera, Obama is our 44th President and a friend gave me a ton of beautiful fabric! Today is a wonderful day. Please leave a comment or email me at spirals@gwi.net and tell me if you are planning on attending the AMS National Conference in February? I look forward to meeting you!


plaidshoes said...

Wow, it does sound like a great day! I very much wish I could go to the conference - just to see you ;-) I am really happy for you and I suspect you will have a sore hand from signing all those books!

Montessori Mama said...

You are so sweet Plaid Shoes! Thank you. I wish you were coming too :(

pattyannie said...

I can't make it this year. The last AMS convention that I attended was the one in Chicago. I will have to wait for the convention to come back to the Midwest. Have Fun! I can't wait to read your book.

My Child's Diary said...

I am so so so happy for you! Needless to say, but you SO deserve it. Good for you! Enjoy you every moment there. SOmehow I have a feeling you will! All the best, Miri

Kari said...

Hurray! I was hoping I'd get the chance to meet you! I will attend one of your book signings for sure! I've been a montessori 3-6 teacher for a few years, but have always wanted to teach toddlers. And it's been my luck that the directress of the montessori school I teach at is opening a toddler program in the fall. This means I get to attend infant toddler training this summer. Yay! I'm excited to "shop" around at all the training centers that will be there to help me decide where to train. See ya there!

Amanda said...

Our crew will be there...be sure to join our facebook group.Hope to meet you!

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