Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a Hard Day's Night

This was written yesterday, January 14th
Hi Everyone,
I'm just sitting here feeling exhausted and thinking that allot of you probably are too. Some days tire us out more than others. Today was one of those days for me. It began with my cat leaving a dead mouse in my slipper. The following is a list of the events that followed:
All BEFORE breakfast:
Little One opened finger paint when I was unaware he was doing so ~ enough said.
Little One completely dumped not one, but TWO entire Rubbermaid totes of Legos in front of the bathroom doorway, guess who was in the bathroom without her slippers?
Middle Man refused to get out of bed, then got out of bed and refused use the bathroom....(too many Legos to contend with apparently) only after Little Man and I moved the Legos did Middle Man use the bathroom but then he refused to eat breakfast....I could go on but I'm not going to, you get the idea, there were lots of refusals.
'Taller Than Me' handed me a piece of paper that needed to be signed TODAY that, oh by the way..., needs to have a check for $75 along with it. Something about a band trip.
Flash forward to the classroom:
Little One begins his day by eating play dough and yelling VERY loudly when he is discouraged to do so.
Out of frustration I ask out loud..."WHAT IS GOING ON?" My assistant Mallory smiles and says, "Who's kid is this?" I love her! She knows exactly what to say, at just the right time.
The rest of the day is busy and loud, it was only 6 degrees outside so we stayed in. This upset to the routine and caused a few ripples.
My favorite part of the day is YOGA before rest. Watching one particular 18 month old little girl attempt the poses is especially sweet.
REST TIME: Little One struggles with sharing his Mom (a daily occurrence)but eventually napped (thank heavens!)
After transporting children and picking up Middle Man, we head home to a house with no phone! How can I Post this rant with no Internet connection!!! I call the phone company's 800 # which apparently is the only number (besides 911) that a phone can dial out when service has been disconnected. I pay the bill, because I haven't I am told and of course I believe them. "It will take 24 hours to reconnect you and a service charge", of course it will.
Anyway, Montessori Papa and 'Taller Than Me'are out for the evening, which leaves me with Middle Man and Little One who are very hungry. Little One begs for rice cake after rice cake (sometimes I think he's going to turn into a rice cake!) and Middle Man announces he'll eat only Popsicles for dinner. I am making veggie risotto (a dish I made up) and then the boys begin fighting over...I'm not sure what exactly, but it was loud and ended in tears.
Fast forward two hours later:
Anyway, now they have both been fed (PB&J sandwiches) because neither of them liked my veggie rice) and they have each had baths, brushed teeth and been read to. They are asleep and I am typing. The house is quiet and it is lovely. I'm thinking I'll take a bath, when in come Taller Than Me and Dad. 'Taller Than Me' NEEDS the computer for school and Dad needs the bathroom.
It's been a long hard day,
I'm going to bed.
So this was was MUCH better. Do you ever just have one of those days? Thanks for reading as always. Does anyone know where my camera is? I'm missing it!!! I would like to say a "THANK YOU" to Mallory for saying the right things when I need them most and to Paula for listening even when she has a terrible cold. HUGS to all,


erica said...

I've definitely felt that a few times. The quiet after the little ones go to bed and you get to recharge, drink a cup of whatever you like to drink and sit by the computer or with a book, is amazingly good.

plaidshoes said...

What a day! I have definately had some of those. I am glad the next went better.

mommyme said...

I feel better about my day already! Thanks =)

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Awh mate. I know the feeling - I know the sort of day (although we have dead geccos not mice). And how bizzare that a day before or after can be just magical??? Those other days stretch me to the max and challenge me not to revert to the type of rage and frustration that was sometimes modelled to me - sometimes I dont do too good. Sometimes Im so proud of myself for staying calm and sane. Regardless its a challenge sometimes!! May the rest of the week be much easier for you - and for all parents.

Kim said...

Oh, dear heart, I'm so sorry you had one of THOSE days! Happy today was better!

NJ Tracy Jean said...

Oh wow! I had one of THOSE DAYS on the very same day as you. Mine involved cranky parents not happy with our schedule changes for next year(first day of fall registration), having to counsel the mom of a special ed student (who is largely in denial) who will age out of preschool services for next year and coming home to a sick dog. A BIG (Irish Wolfhound) SICK DOG! Let's just say my evening involved cleaning the fecal remains of a very bad case of GI distress in EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE.But as you say, it's all better now-blessings abound!

Koko's mama said...

Oh, yes, I also have those days.

I'm glad that the next day was better!

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