Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puppet Mania!

July is flying by....
While Montessori Papa is away we have been busy!
As usual I have no camera and therefore lack photos to share (and oh how I wish I did!)
Okay so it's puppet mania around here, it's been raining for WEEKS, but, out of the boredom was born a wonderful idea. And the puppet production began. It started with a special gift.

A family friend offered to give us a most generous gift:

A professional puppet theater!

It's amazing, truly, with its red velvet curtain that pulls open with an unseen string to its hand painted theater masks that are it's crowning glory.

Our plan: To sew, paint and build our own puppets for plays that Middle Man has written over the past dreary rainy weeks. I'm working on the back drops etc. and Little One is mastering his clapping skills to lead an audience of children at the end of August. Locally a new playground is being constructed, it is our hope that our puppets and stories will be finished and ready to be performed the weekend the playground is ready. We want share what we've worked on all summer with other children, and to provide a FREE and fun event for families.

While it rained we visited the following sights for creative inspiration:
The Fairy Houses Web Page
The Jim Henson Legacy blog
The Snail's Trail a homeschooling extravaganza!
The Crafty Crow

And just for me, some professional inspiration:
Montessori For Toddlers Blog
Montessori Materials (who knew!)
Still looking for my may be time to give up. I think I'll post so older photos (I'm such a visual person, these posts without photos are driving me batty) it may be time to consider purchasing a new camera??? Some day....



Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Wow! That sounds awesome. Maybe we could hop on a plane and come see the fruits of your holiday!

I'm sure this is a holiday that wont be forgotten by your boys. (:

Snippety Gibbet said...

A real puppet theater?????? Too cool! Can't wait to see the photos...when you find your camera. jan

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