Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Missing Montessori Papa....
I can't remember exactly when this photo was taken but as I have missed placed (I refuse to say LOST) my camera, I have no recent photos of my amazing husband. Also given the fact he's been away for almost a month...finishing his Montessori would have been a challenge to actually capture him on film.

BUT tomorrow he returns and I am so happy!
You see, I haven't had much time to do much of anything besides take care of small and 'taller than me' people (and clean up after them) these many weeks Montessori Papa has been away.
And to be honest, I'm VERY tired. Especially of the house cleaning part. It's endless, as I am sure you can all relate. And this morning Middle Man accidentally kicked Little One in the head during a rough and tumble tickling session.

I have so many things I WANT to do, art work is calling me, unfinished pictures in various stages of gluing, then there are these two felt dolls I have been working on for months and they need faces! How horribly sad, dollies without faces are.
I HAVE written several new stories for my beginner reader book series but the images to accompany them are fading from my mind as more time passes from when they were written.

I realize I've been complaining allot lately, almost every post, and I apologize. That was not my intention for this blog. I have been fortunate to make some blog land friends all over this globe, and I feel blessed because having friends (even ones you've never met) makes all the difference in this life.

So, when my best friend returns tomorrow, I am sure I will blog less complaints and share more ideas. Thanks for hanging out with me, reading my rants and for your understanding.


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Mate you just make us feel human and normal. I love all your posts regardless.

Very exciting to have your partner back for many reasons. Here is to some you time soon.


Green Mamma said...

So excited that your hubby will be home for you soon. And hey, if we can't complain to our friends, who can we complain to? I think it is a good idea to be aware of when we're feeling kind of grumypy . . . why deny ourselves that experience?

Then we can consider our grumpiness and get in a frame of mind for figuring our where to go to next . . . just my 2 cents, :-)

Adventures in Montessori said...

What is the training that you and your husband did? I am trying to understand all of the differences in AMI vs. AMS ect... It is so hard to sort all of that out. The answer I typically get is regarding their founding. I am really more interested in the actual differences as they apply to the lessons and the classroom and I can't find the answers. I am doing an independent, though MACTE certified training, called MEI. It is a derivative from the St. Nicholas training. I chose it because it is local and I have two small girls that I was not ready to leave for any period of time. It seems to follow the materials in their purest form. Lessons are given without any verbal unless you are teaching vocabulary or it is completely necessary. They do not advocate any extensions beyond matching, grading, and then adding vocabulary, though if a child were to discover it on his own they would not consider it misuse. My instructor said that they were presenting them as pure and un-deviated as possible because when we teach we will have to deviate at times according to local laws or school policy and if they deviated than we deviated then eventually the original philosophy would be lost. I know this is wordy, but I am really so confused and I want to know so that I have an easier time locating a school that fits me and my children...Thanks

Nina said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!
And I'll be in touch soon to check in to see when you are up to an interview.
Anyway, have a really, really wonderful day tomorrow- I am sure you will.

katri said...

Hi Jennifer,
I can't remember if I have written to you in the past. But anyway, summer greetings! I did my training at NMI way back with Paula - please tell her that I say hello! I used to own/run a school in North Yarmouth, ME, but now live in Ithaca, NY and am going back to teaching this fall after staying home with my 2 boys (3 & 5)the past four years - exciting and scary! I am also an artist and a UU. We have so much in common. SO, just wanted to say that I have enjoyed peeking at your blog from time to time as I have tried to figure out what my next move (as a Mama, artist, woman) would be. Thank you for sharing your life... I was so excited to see that your husband is at training. What level will he be teaching? Cornerspring must be getting so big! wishing you much love and peace today and in the time to come. namaste, katri

Montessori Mama said...

First to Adventures in Montessori!
I left a LONG and detailed response on your blog to answer your question but when I hit post comment it was deleted. Arghhhh!!!
I will try again.

Next: to Katri:
I will pass your regards to Paula :)
Thank you for reading! I wish we lived closer!!
PEACE to all,

Karachi Hotel said...

Its a part of life mate but you have point out the very interesting topic and shared your life and beautiful ideas about the Montessori. thanks!

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